DOT SAP Provider

DOT SAP Provider

Positive Drug Test for DOT Truck Drivers

As a truck driver in the United States, one runs the risk of failing a federally-mandated drug test while working under the Department of Transportation (DOT). It is a violation of federal regulations to be under the influence of drugs while operating a truck. This includes both illegal drugs and prescription medication that could impair a driver’s ability to drive safely. If it is the case that you happen to test positive for drugs, you will be required to go through the Return-to-Duty Process which involves several steps, including a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) evaluation and possible treatment.

DOT Return-to-Duty Process

The Return-to-Duty process begins with the driver being placed in an Out-of-Service (OOS) status by the employer. The employer must also inform the DOT SAP provider of the positive test results and arrange for the driver to be evaluated by the DOT SAP provider. The DOT SAP provider is a specially trained and qualified professional who is certified to perform assessments and make recommendations for treatment.

The SAP Evaluation: DOT SAP Provider

The purpose of the SAP evaluation is to identify any problems or risk factors that may be related to the failed drug test. The DOT SAP provider will review the driver’s medical information and history and then administer a battery of standardized tests, such as the Addiction Severity Index (ASI). The driver will also be asked to answer questions about his/her use of alcohol and drugs, as well as lifestyle and social history. At the end of the evaluation, the DOT SAP provide will give the driver a detailed report that provides an overview of his/her assessment and recommendations.

Treatment Recommendations

Based on the results of the SAP evaluation, the driver may be recommended to enter a treatment program. This may include intensive outpatient treatment, inpatient or residential treatment, or individual counseling. The recommended treatment will depend on the individual’s needs, the severity of the problems, and the extent of the impairment caused by the substance abuse.

Once treatment is completed, the SAP will re-evaluate the driver to determine if he/she is fit to return to driving. The SAP will also recommend any additional follow-up monitoring or counseling that may be necessary.

DOT Follow-up Testing

Once the driver has been re-evaluated and has completed the treatment, he/she must submit to follow-up drug and alcohol testing. The testing frequency is determined by the DOT SAP provider and can range from regularly scheduled testing to random testing for a period of up to 3 years.


Positive drug tests for DOT truck drivers can be a serious matter, and it is important for drivers to understand the Return-to-Duty process. The DOT’s goal is to ensure that drivers are not impaired while on the job and will be taking the necessary steps to identify and address any potential problems or impairments.  By understanding the Return-to-Duty process, drivers can be prepared for the steps that must be taken if they fail a drug test and can get the help needed to return to driving.

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