SAP Return to Duty Program for Truck Drivers

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SAP Return to Duty Program for Truck Drivers
The SAP Return to Duty Program is a program the trucking industry offers to help truck drivers prohibited from operating commercial vehicles due to a drug or alcohol-related violation. The program is designed to give these drivers the education or treatment they need to return to the workforce.

The SAP Return to Duty Program is an opportunity for truck drivers to work towards a second chance in the transportation industry. The Department of Transportation and FMCSA organizes the program. It is open to any truck driver with a violation on their clearinghouse record.
As part of the SAP Program, drivers who have violated the DOT drug and alcohol regulations must undergo an evaluation by a qualified professional. This evaluation will determine whether the driver has a substance abuse problem and, if so, what kind of treatment is necessary. Drivers found to have a substance abuse problem must then participate in an approved treatment program and pass a return-to-work drug test before returning to duty.

The SAP Return to Duty Program for Truck Drivers provides multiple benefits. By completing the process, drivers can get help with underlying substance abuse issues. They can have violations lifted from their record that prohibit them from working. It also puts them in a position where they are now eligible for insurance discounts and benefits some carriers offer drivers with clean records.
While the requirements may seem daunting, completing the return to duty process is worth it and can provide significant benefits for truck drivers looking to get back on the road.

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