DOT SAP Program

DOT SAP Program

DOT SAP Programs are available throughout the United States to keep our roads, railways, and airlines safe. All DOT employees working in safety-sensitive positions are required to be tested and screened for drugs and alcohol. Failure or refusal to take a drug or alcohol test mandated under DOT regulations means enrolling into an SAP program before continuing to work in the transportation industry.

An SAP Program can make all the difference in your career if you have lost the ability to work due to a failed or refused alcohol and drug test. SAP programs are facilitated by Substance Abuse professionals who can get you the education and treatment you need to combat any underlying substance abuse issues that may have caused you to fail the test. All SAP Programs, if applied correctly, start with an initial assessment and end with a reassessment of conditions before clearance is granted. At the time of the initial face-to-face assessment/evaluation, your evaluator will ask questions related to your substance use history to determine if any underlying substance abuse issues are going on in the day-to-day life that could cause you to violate DOT alcohol and drug regulations in the future.

SAP Evaluation
The evaluator will also determine what type of education and treatment would be necessary for you to undergo before giving you clearance to return to your safety-sensitive position. All employees enrolled in an SAP Program must comply with and complete any recommendation set by their SAP. Follow-up testing over one to five years is also included in any given SAP program to help ensure repeat offenses do not occur, which protects your right and ability to continue working in the transportation industry.

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