DOT SAP Providers

DOT SAP Providers

DOT SAP Services Providers are private entities that have been approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to provide Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services. These services may include assessing an employee’s alcohol and drug use, education and counseling services, and referral for treatment. DSPs are required to meet specific standards and requirements to be approved by the DOT. They must have a qualified staff trained in providing SAP services and follow all DOT rules and regulations when returning a worker to duty. In addition, DSPs must follow the DOT’s confidentiality requirements and procedures for handling SAP records. DSPs play an essential role in the DOT’s alcohol and drug testing program, even though they do not administer the testing themselves. They are responsible for ensuring that employees who have violated the DOT’s alcohol and drug testing regulations are adequately evaluated and treated. DSPs are also responsible for coordinating and facilitating the return-to-duty process for employees enrolled in these programs. The DOT’s alcohol and drug treatment programs are integral to promoting safety on the nation’s roads and railways. This helps to reduce the number of accidents and injuries on the roads and in the workplace.

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