SAP Evaluation Process

SAP Evaluation Process

At SAP Evaluation, LLC. We understand that being out of work temporarily due to a DOT violation can be hard to deal with, so we try to make our SAP Program process as easy as it can be! Licensed and certified Substance Abuse Professionals conduct our SAP Evaluations to guarantee that you get the best results.

The evaluation, also known as a substance abuse evaluation, is a face-to-face clinicalassessment of an individual to determine what they require to resolve their dot use problems. This is accomplished by gathering information from answers to questions asked by the evaluator about past and current dot use, mental health history, family history, social and physical health.

The duration, frequency, amount of use, substance(s) of use, and emotional and physical characteristics of use will all be included in the information collection. During the evaluation, problems with health, work, family, personal and interpersonal problems caused by service, and current mental status will also be obtained. Face-to-face communication is required because it may provide critical physical cues to the evaluation process.

Once the evaluation is completed, the SAP will provide a diagnosis, course of treatment, and treatment plan, with which the DOT employee must comply to return to work.
SAP Enrollment process

Based on the evaluation, some recommendations may include education programs and aftercare. This could consist of dot education courses, self-help groups, or individual counseling if education is recommended.

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