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SAP Evaluations, LLC is powered by Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) and Substance Abuse Experts (SAE) in locations across the United States of America, in all 50 states. Our nationwide SAP providers are fully qualified to perform evaluations for DOT-mandated safety-sensitive employees. We will find a SAP near you when you book an appointment with us. At this time, we are also offering remote and virtual evaluations during COVID-19 to ensure your safety and comfort.

Prepare before you head out on the road:

If you are an employer required to provide a list of qualified DOT SAPs for all employees following a failed or refused dot test or other violation, look no further. If you are an employee and have been unable or refused a DOT test, you’ve come to the right place. SAP Evaluations, LLC is your one-stop-shop for SAP resources. We have many qualified SAP ready to assist you in the DOT return-to-duty process, sometimes referred to as the SAP process or program.

Working with our company means your SAP is guaranteed to be DOT qualified. We practice ongoing credentialing reviews that ensure that each SAP has up-to-date credentials before performing a DOT SAP evaluation. This provides clinical integrity and DOT compliance. All SAP credentials are kept on file for up to 5 years after the assessment, where they will be instantly available for DOT audit purposes.

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