DOT Return to Duty

DOT Return to Duty

The Department of Transportation (DOT) return-to-duty program is designed to ensure that employees in substance abuse-related incidents are provided ample opportunity to seek treatment and successfully return to their jobs. The policy applies to all DOT-regulated modes of transportation, including air, rail, highway, and water. Under the policy, any employee involved in a substance abuse-related incident must be removed from safety-sensitive duty and referred and evaluated by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

The SAP evaluator will conduct an interview to determine if the employee has a substance abuse problem and, if so, will develop a treatment plan. The employee must complete the treatment plan before returning to a safety-sensitive position.
There are several essential elements of the DOT return-to-duty policy. First, it is important to note that the policy applies to all DOT-regulated modes of transportation. Secondly, the employee must undergo an evaluation by a certified SAP. The SAP will determine a proper course of action moving forward for the driver.
This can come in multiple forms but is typically some treatment or education that the driver will undergo to learn about different coping mechanisms that will help the driver avoid usage in the future. Treatments and education can vary in length and type and are typically determined by looking into a list of factors, including the type of drug involved, prior history, criminal history, mental health issues, etc.
DOT return-to-duty situations happen to more drivers than you might realize. If you are in one of these situations, don’t fear because we have the solutions you need to get back to driving as quickly as possible.

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