Embracing Change: Remote Assessments and DOT Guidelines Amidst COVID-19

DOT Guidelines

Amidst all the crazy changes the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into our lives, the trajectory of Substance Abuse Evaluations (SAEs) have taken a new turn. The Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy & Compliance (ODAPC) stepped up to help us through this transition. They have completely redeveloped their  ‘Statement of Enforcement,’ which has led to some quick changes in the rules about face-to-face assessments and SAEs —specifically, the ones talked about in sections 40.291, 40.293, and 40.307 of 49 CFR. Those are the rules that decide who gets to be a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

The bottom line is, the ODAPC knows that remote assessments might not be as detailed as in-person ones, but hey, they’re definitely better than no assessments at all. This temporary guidance basically means DOT Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) won’t get in trouble for doing remote assessments while this health crisis is going on. At AACS Atlanta, we totally support this plan because it lets us keep helping the transportation industry while keeping everyone safe.

Speaking of safety, we’re all about it, As we move into this new era of remote assessments, we’re really pushing for everyone to use platforms that follow HIPAA Compliance. These platforms are the solid foundation for doing secure and private remote assessments and evaluations. Keeping security and patient confidentiality at the forefront of everything we do.

Now, as we step into this new chapter, let’s not forget how important patient security and adhering to DOT Guidelines rules are. Remote assessments might not be the same as meeting face-to-face, but they’re like a lifeline that helps us keep adapting and moving forward in an industry that keeps the world rolling. So here’s to change, to growth, and to the road that’s still ahead!

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