DISA Return to Duty: Expert Guidance for Successful Rehabilitation

DISA Return to Duty

Truck driving is a difficult job, and Drivers must always be prepared for random drug screenings. Unfortunately, a positive outcome on a drug screening can have quite serious implications, including the loss of your job. If you fail a drug screen as a DISA Truck Driver, being informed about the DISA Return to Duty process is key. When a driver fails a drug screen as a DISA truck driver, they will receive a letter from Licensed Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). The letter will explain that the driver must complete a Return to Duty process– a three-step program that will help the driver recover from their addiction and make sure they are able to return to work without the risk of relapse. The three steps of the Return to Duty process are a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) evaluation, a recommended education/treatment program, and finally a successful follow-up drug screening.

DISA Return to Duty

The first step of the DISA Return to Duty process is to complete an SAP evaluation. In this evaluation, an SAP (usually a physician, psychologist, substance abuse counselor, or other certified professional with expertise in physical/medical and substance abuse) will evaluate a driver’s substance abuse history and make a recommendation for further treatment, if needed. During the evaluation, the SAP will ask questions about the driver’s use of alcohol or drugs, past and present medical and mental health issues, lifestyle issues, and more. The SAP is also in charge of making a recommendation for a treatment program, should one be necessary. In this assessment, the SAP may suggest an outpatient rehab program, an individual counseling program, or a residential treatment program—depending on the severity of the driver’s substance use disorder or the number of times the driver has failed a drug screening. The second step of the DISA Return to Duty process is to complete the recommended education/treatment program. This could be an outpatient rehab group, an individual counseling program, or a residential treatment program. Depending on the apparent severity of the substance abuse disorder, outpatient and/or residential treatment may be recommended to ensure safe and effective recovery. Outpatient rehab groups are often used to provide support, structure, and ongoing accountability to drivers who want to stay connected to their community while in recovery. Individual counseling and sessions are also available for those who require more individualized attention and guidance. Residential treatment, meanwhile, is available for those whose addiction or relapse history is more severe. Residential treatment could involve close medical monitoring in an intensive care unit, counseling, and group therapy sessions, attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) if needed. The final step of the DISA Return to Duty process is a successful follow-up drug screening. For this test to occur, the driver must enroll in and successfully complete the recommended education/treatment program. Once the program is completed, the driver must pass a drug screening that conforms to the standards set forth in the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) regulations (49 CFR Part 382). Only after passing the drug screening can the driver then be cleared for return to work as a DISA Truck Driver. It’s important to remember that completion of the DISA Return to Duty process does not guarantee employment; however, a driver who completes the process in a timely manner stands a greater chance of being considered for future employment. Additionally, being informed about the process and the different treatment modalities available can help a driver find the right program and make more informed decisions about their recovery.

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