(Federal Aviary Administration) FAA Return to Duty: Expert Guidance

FAA Return to Duty

FAA Return to Duty Program Steps:

If you fail a drug screen while working for the Federal Aviary Administration (FAA), you should expect the following steps to be taken.

  1. Immediate Notification: The FAA will immediately notify your supervisor and you of a failed drug screen. The FAA Return to Duty process will ask you to sign a document acknowledging that you received notice of the failed drug screening.
  2. Investigation: The FAA Return to Duty process will then conduct an investigation into how the failed drug screen occurred. This investigation will typically take a minimum of 30 days. It can take longer if the FAA finds additional evidence or if there is a dispute regarding the failed drug screening.
  3. Notification of Violation: If it is determined that you violated the FAA’s drug screening policy, the FAA Return to Duty process will send you a notification of violation. This notification may be in writing, or you may be orally informed of the violation and asked to formally sign a document acknowledging that you received notice of the violation.
  4. FAA Return to Duty Process: The FAA requires that you complete a Return to Duty (RTD) process in order to return to work after a failed drug screen. This process includes a number of steps you must take to demonstrate that you are eligible to return to duty.

FAA Return to Duty

A. Obtain Medical Evaluation: The first step is to obtain a immediate medical evaluation from a licensed physician who is approved by the FAA Return to Duty process. During the evaluation, the physician will speak to you about your drug and alcohol use, assess your history, and develop a treatment plan to help you address any substance use issues you may have.

B. Completion of Treatment: After the medical evaluation is completed, the FAA will require that you complete the treatment plan set out by the evaluator, such as attending substance abuse counseling, attending an outpatient rehab program, or participating in a 12-step program.

C. Follow-Up Exam: Once you have completed the treatment plan, you will need to have a follow-up exam with the physician who performed the initial evaluation. This follow-up will assess your progress and determine if you are eligible to return to work.

D. Reinstatement: After the follow-up exam, if it is determined that you are eligible to return to work, you must be reinstated by the FAA. This process typically takes approximately 30 days.

E. Drug and Alcohol Testing: The FAA will require you to take drug and alcohol tests as part of the reinstatement process. This can include random testing, as well as targeted testing based on an individual’s history of substance use.

F. Monitoring: The FAA will likely monitor your performance in the workplace in order to ensure that you are following the FAA’s safety and drug use policies. If the FAA finds that you are not complying with the policies, they may require you to take additional drug and alcohol tests or even suspend you from work if they find that you have used drugs and/or alcohol while on duty.

The types of treatment modalities that are typically recommended for FAA Return to Duty programs include: outpatient treatment, day treatment, residential treatment, 12-step programs, individual and group counseling, and medication-assisted treatment. It is important to note that the type of treatment recommended by the FAA can vary based on the individual’s situation. Ultimately, if you fail a drug screen while working for the FAA, you should expect a rigorous Return to Duty process that involves a detailed investigation and monitoring. In order to return to work, you must comply with all of the FAA’s policies related to substance use and be cleared by a physician. If you are looking to complete the FAA Return to Duty process, be sure to ask your evaluator about the treatment options available to you. Considering an FAA Return to Duty process at this time? Then www.sap-evaluation.com is an invaluable resource for your needs. 1-800-683-7745 will get you in touch with someone to set up your FAA Return to Duty process as soon as possible!

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